Honeycomb Board

Honeycomb board is a material with a structure similar to a honeycomb. It consists of two sheets of cardboard glued together. The structure inside the honeycomb paper sheet is shaped like a honeycomb cell. Each cell has a hexagonal shape. Honeycomb paper board have outstanding properties: light, strong, durable, and impact resistant. Moisture resistant and can be cut as desired. Honeycomb paper sheets are commonly used in packaging, furniture, construction, and more.
Honeycomb paper board are used to pack products that require shock protection, for example, electronic products. Packing consumer products Packing furniture products
Honeycomb paper board are used to make furniture that requires strength and light weight, such as office furniture. Children's furniture pet furniture
Honeycomb paper board are used to make walls, ceilings, and floors that require strength and light weight.

Advantages of honeycomb paper board

• Honeycomb board Light, strong, durable
• Honeycomb board Impact resistant
• Honeycomb board Can be cut as desired