Paper slip sheet

Transfer sheets for palletless handling
Slip Sheet are made from multiple plies of strong kraft liner board. They can replace heavy, bulky and expensive plastic or wooden pallets.
With Slip Sheets, you will have 100% recyclable and hygienic transfer sheets for different conditions. Not only is this option good for your company’s bottom line, but environmental thinking will also be good for your corporate image!

Advantages of slip sheet paper
• Reduce the cost of using export pallets Because the unit price is cheaper than wooden pallets or plastic pallets. Instead of using export pallets
• It is a thinner sheet, allowing more products to be loaded into the container.
• Save space for storing products in the warehouse
• Can be cut to size
• Reduce costs for disposal and destruction
• Reduce costs in fumigation and fumigation of wood pallets to prevent moths, ants, and insects.