Wooden Pallet

Wooden pallets
Wooden pallets are widely used in the transportation industry. Because the materials that are produced are easy to find, durable, affordable, use fast production time Can be reused But often have problems with the fungus in the wood, moisture, insects and burrs that will damage the product before being exported to foreign countries Wood that is produced in pallets may bend, bend and bend. Wood pallets have a wide variety to choose from, depending on usage and product placement.
Advantages of wooden pallets
Wooden pallets are easy to find. Fast production time, affordable price, strong, durable, can be reused. Approximately 1-2 tons of product weight can be repaired. Easy to maintain
Disadvantages of wooden pallets
Environmental problems and global warming problems , Wood fungus problems, termite insects, moths, wood moisture may be broken or broken when packing products that are too heavy, the wood may twist, bend or bend